Mindful Eating
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Mindful Eating session will educate you on what kind of food & drinks are suitable for you to give you more energy and better results in life. We end up eating whatever comes in front of us or whatever we crave for and meal after meal keep depleting our energy or prana

Even if we are diet conscious and control on junk food & maintain the nutritional calculation in terms of what vitamins & minerals we are eating however we are not aware of our specific Individual needs in terms of Ayurveda

All the food that we consume not only gives us taste, nutrition but also effects our personality, finances & relationships as everybody type is different depending upon the 5 basic principles of Ayurveda – Air, Water, Earth, Fire & Space

This session will help you understand your body type – Vatta, Pitta, Kapha & then accordingly make recommendations of what kind of diet will be beneficial for you