Cord Cutting
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When we interact with someone Energy Cords are being made which are not visible to us yet are extremely powerful and lot of times even after that person has left we continue thinking about them or feeling hurt about what was being said or happened. The cords which are unhealthy and do not serve us any purpose now need to be cut for us to move forward in our life and be more at peace and happy. This can happen in the case of a relationship ending or even with a friend, relative or a work colleague and also with a family member in case of an argument or fight.

Cord Cutting is a simple and user friendly process that we all should do on daily basis as a simple ritual for keeping healthy & growing. This will not end an ongoing relationship or make us forget the person but will only cleanse the negative energy in the negative cords so that we feel good.

Some of the symptoms that our cords are being attached to someone are feeling drained out or exhausted easily or all the time, constant headaches, feeling low and one can have multiple cords attached with multiple people at the same time.

You may book an appointment with us for either Cord Cutting Workshop to learn more about it or get a Cord Cutting Session done at our studio.