Anger Management
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Feeling of anger or frustration is a natural human emotion just like all the other emotions but it only adds to the problem rather than solving anything being destructive in nature rather than constructive

Anger can be Active Anger in which one might react aggressively by choosing unhealthy words or actions and Anger can be Passive Anger in which one might withdraw into own shell without communicating anything to anyone and both are unhealthy ways of expressing your anger and unhealthy state to be in

In this workshop we teach how you can manage your anger by working on reducing its intensity and frequency and also once you feel this emotion what are the healthier ways to communicate it

Using user friendly and simple Holistic Healing tools like Aroma Therapy, Color Therapy, Crystals ,Meditation, Breath Work, Yoga, Chakra Balancing we will transform your life and personality

So giving melodious voice to your anger and giving you a better mental – emotional wellbeing