Aura Clearing
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Aura is an ElectroMagnetic Energy field surrounding your physical body. It carries your personal moods, thoughts, problems and experiences. Your aura is simply an extension of you. When strong it acts as a protective shield. When fragile or damaged it can leave you drained, unwell and feeling disconnected from yourself. Think of your aura as your own personal body guard

Aura needs to be cleaned as it can have energy blockages or negative energies attracted from various people and situations. Just like we take a shower for physical cleaning, Aura Cleaning is important for Spiritual Hygiene. Clean Aura would keep you healthy and attract people towards you

We offer various Aura Cleaning Sessions in which we clean your Aura using different methods from using Sea Salt, Incense, Bath Salts, Reiki, Mantras and Meditations. We recommend one session every week or a session for three days continuously