Body Chakra Balancing
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Body Chakras are the Energy Centres of our body through which the Prana or the Life Force flows vertically and horizontally and they spin at a certain frequency. They are on the spine (Sushumna Nadi where Ida & Pingala Nadis intersect) and are funnel shaped and appear to be wheel like when spin and therefore called as Chakras

There are 100s of Chakras in our body and 7 are the Major ones with each having a Hindi & English names, specific purpose in our life and a color and if any of them gets imbalanced, underactive or overactive it starts impacting our day to day lives

Any chakra or Aura imbalance if not treated timely manifests into the physical body within 6 months to 1 year time and leads to issues related to health, finances, relationships, etc and hence we all should be aware of these chakras and work on balancing them on regular basis

You may book an appointment with us for either getting your Chakras balanced or Body Chakra Workshop to learn about them and how to keep them healthy & balanced