Pendulum Dowsing
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Dowsing is an ancient technique in which we use a Pendulum to scan and heal the energies effortlessly. It is just like we use a thermometer to measure our body temperature. Pendulums come in various forms and can be used for multiple things and applications some of which are:

1) Scan & measure a person's energy, aura, body chakras (Imagine how interesting it will be to find out your friend's or a business partner's energy).

2) Scan your home or office energy and know where you need to work in order to create more harmonious & balanced environment that will support your professional and personal life

3) Find answers to your various questions in yes or no format, these can be questions about your future too.

4) Know the energy of your crystals or stones.

5) Balance & Heal your body chakras.

6) To find details about missing objects or people (alive or dead).

In this workshop we teach you and make you practice everything about the Pendulums