Lama Fera
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Lama Fera is an extremely Powerful & Intense Healing Technique of the Lamas in Tibet and its Master is Buddha. It works at a much higher frequency than the other healing modalities however should be chosen carefully if the client has had any surgery in last six months or is pregnant

Lama Fera can heal anything from a physical disease to mental emotional problem and even Distance Healing for people at a different geographical places. It uses various symbols which are very powerful and easy to remember to heal. One can even heal, clear energies and put in protection any space with this be at a home or anywhere else

Lama Fera has two levels – 
Master Healer 
Master Teacher 
You may learn both or begin with just the Master Healer Level
The only requirement to learn Lama Fera is that one must have completed 2 levels of Reiki