Coffee Cup Reading
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Coffee Cup Reading is an ancient technique for Future Prediction and Healing just like Tarot Card Reading. This is a rare Art and Craft which is still relatively new in India in which we prepare a special coffee and predict what future holds for you by your sipping in that hot cup of coffee

The energy of the question travels through the client to the coffee and then the reading is done with the coffee residual. This is not only a future prediction technique but also a Healing Technique in which the client gets healing during the process too. We also club it with Rice Reading, Grain Reading and Candle Reading which makes it more accurate and comprehensive

There is a special technique in this from preparing the coffee to serving and drinking it. Anyone and everyone should learn it or at least get a session done if they want to know their future. It is also an ideal course for all Tarot Readers, Astrologers, Palmist, Numerologist, etc. Both options are available for learning the technique as a workshop or just taking a Coffee Cup Reading session to know your future.

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