Love..........What Is It? An Emotion?Feeling?State of Mind?Addiction?Strength?Weakness?Relationship?Give & Take Practical Bond?

We all Experience different Forms & Intensity of Love during our Lifetime,from a Mother's Love to a Friend's to a Lover's or a Spouse's

Ever seen or used a Pendulum? May be in some Hindi movies where they use Pendulum to hypnotise :)

Well Pendulum can be a Boon and used for many things and Dowsing is the technique of using it which is present from our fore father's time.

Dowsing has been used for finding U

They say one must be Detached from All in order to not only walk on the path of Spirituality but also be at Peace but we find it near to Impossible.How can you not be Attached to your Family,Lovers,Friends???

Does it mean that you should run away from your Responsibilities? Does It mean