About BodhisattvaPS
who are we

Bodhisattva PS is a certified and government recognised Holistic Healing Studio which caters to people's Emotional, Mental, Psychological and Physical well being by offering various Healing Therapies, Lifestyle Modifications and Counselling. Founded and run by Ms. Pooja Sharma who is a Holistic Healer and a Life Coach.

Bodhisattva PS Meaning

Bodhisattva is a Buddhist & a Sanskrit word, which means a human who has compassion for everyone and PS is derived from the Founder's name.

Everyone is a Bodhisattva at the soul level which can be re awakened.

We have a strong client base across the globe from various countries like Canada, Russia, Dubai, US, Europe and all the parts of the country.

Our USP is that our customers are repeat customers and keep coming back to us over long term and most of our work is through reference.

We offer online consultations and workshops for clients who are from different geographical locations.

Our Mission

We want to take Spirituality to every household and create awareness that Spirituality is a Science. Every human being is a healer and an extremely powerful one however unfortunately this sacred and valuable Science is not taught in the universities these days due to which people not only are unaware about it but also do not believe in it without even knowing anything about it.

Healing Modalities like Reiki, Lama Fera have so much potential that they can truly change one's life from a disaster to a real beautiful and blissful blessing.

People have cured their cancer, tumors, stones, psychological problems, relationships, finances, karmic issues, family patterns with Alternate Medicine.

Even in the case where a person's life is fulfilled with all the desires, it still can be enhanced further with more focus, concentration, higher efficiency & productivity, better health & inter personal skills, etc.

All children ideally should be imparted this divine knowledge as a part of their growing up so that they blossom into a more compassionate, nurturing and successful adults. Please join us in achieving this mission.

Let's take Spiritual Science to every household together